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The company Veneta Trafili S.p.A. specializes in drawing of high quality copper wire used as conductors in electrical cables. Founded in 1980, has continuously invested in machinery and technology equipment, imposing itself as one of the largest industries in the world. The factory located in the industrial area of Montecchio Maggiore, near Vicenza, covers an area of 25,000 sqm of which 11,000 seats and has a production capacity of drawn wires equal to 70,000 metric tons / year with a staff of 70 units. The Veneta Trafili S.p.A. has always been committed to constant improvement of quality and product reliability and continuous technological innovation of its plants to meet market demand and ensure an 'effective integration with the needs of technical production reviews.

Particular attention was paid by Veneta Trafili S.p.A. to define and plan all activities required to meet the needs and expectations of the customer. Throughout the production cycle, trained staff performs constant monitoring of process parameters and product. In a modern laboratory facilities, trained staff performs tests and inspections of products and ensure the collection of data to a PC for statistical process control. Special tests are also performed to keep under control critical process parameters having influence on the quality of the final product as a lubricant and drawing dies.

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VENETA TRAFILI S.p.A. - Unipersonale
Via E. Majorana 9/10 - 36075 Montecchio Maggiore (Vicenza) Italy
P.I. e C.F.01898770241 Phone +39 0444/499322 - Fax +39 0444/492157
Capitale Sociale
€ 2.064.000 i.v. Registro Imprese di Vicenza n. REA VI 192126

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